Investment in Developing towns: Safer to buy from Real estate companies

Investment in Developing towns: Safer to buy from Real estate companies
  1. Installment payment option
    Real estate developers give subscribers the payment spread option. Up to 12 months or more in some instances.
  2. Perfection of Titles
    Real Estate development companies would have settled with the real land owners (got consent from all parties involved) before commencement of selling. They are also sure to buy land that is not committed to the Government, so you do not lose out on your investment. Also with their registered survey plans you can verify from the Lagos state Surveyor general & Bureau of Lands, Alausa .With omo onile, all you get is a family receipt.
  3. Safe and secure
    With omo onile, you might get land at a slightly cheaper rate, but then you have to put up a development almost immediately to protect your Property, with our plots, the estate takes care of the perimeter fencing of the whole area and provides a security gate house, so you can just buy and wait .e buy now and develop in 5years or more. You would just need to regularly clear your portion.
  4. Stress free development
    While you do not pay development levy when you buy from Omo onile, the trouble they bring along when you commence actual construction is unquantifiable. You might even spend double the cost of the Land, as they would keep coming for payment for foundation, payment for block, payment for ceiling etc at every stage of the development.
  5. Proper Documentation of Your Land
    We have painstakingly selected the Companies we partner with, hence you are sure of getting proper documentation for your purchase. From the letter of allocation to deed of assignment, receipt of purchase, survey plans, certificate of occupancy, contract of sale etc. Buying landed property in an estate also saves you the stress of getting the entire document by yourself as the time you will spend doing all this can be channeled into doing other productive things.
  6. Well Designed Estate Layouts
    Owning a home within an estate, apart from the extra layer of security it provides, also affords one securing a piece in a properly structured environment and with green areas, good drainage and good ambience.


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