Modaville Realties Plus is a real estate service and advisory firm of professionals offering a broad range of services as it pertains to the sale/purchase/lease/management of Properties for Investment, Residential or even commercial Purposes.

We guide our clients in making the best investment choices, see them through a successful Property acquisition and rescue some from swindlers and fraudsters or perhaps family members with good intentions but who lack the appropriate expertise to deliver on Land/Property acquisition.

While we look forward to attracting new businesses through recommendation, we continue to expand by creating exciting new opportunities for our clients. We understand that our future progress rests with the success and satisfaction of our existing clients and our ability to serve them professionally, energetically and with loyalty. Integrity is our watchword.

Our Vision.

To be the foremost real estate investment advisory Company having a global reach and providing top notch real estate services.

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Our Mission.

To cater for housing and investment needs of Nigerians at home, in the diaspora as well as foreign investors who are looking to build a portfolio of real estate investments or seeking a home of their dream in the upscale estates of Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

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