For our clients who intend to buy Land Parcels to build their own personal residence or buy to speculate and re-sell at a higher value, we carry out due diligence and do all the necessary searches to avoid buying land with encumbrances that may be subject to compulsory acquisition by the government in the near future.
The savvy investor knows better and works with a team with a surveyor and Property Lawyer who would get the survey plan and conduct the necessary search at the ministry of Lands to know if the land to be purchased is excised(free and belongs to the community) or acquired(belongs to the government) Land acquisition is a very delicate venture and as such should be handled with utmost expertise. Our team has handled a lot of land sales and purchases and the process is almost second nature to them.


We ensure a seamless brokerage for clients looking to buy /sell their houses or even lease a home in the upscale estates/areas. Whether as the vendor or home seeker, each party’s interest is protected per time and best terms are negotiated..


Through our continuous research, market intelligence and surveys, we are poised to always provide our clients with the best investment options per time. We keep abreast with market trends, upcoming developments which always drive Property values and ensure our clients always get the best bargain.


From tenant selection, to routine management inspections, rent collection, the enforcement of Landlord and Tenants repair obligations and other lease agreements, the supervision of service and maintenance contracts and the implementation and record of rent and lease renewals. We ensure our clients’ interest is well managed at all times. We advise on planned schedules of maintenance, ensuring Landlords are kept apprised on likely future expenditure.

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